4 Best Ways To Get 1000 Visitors Per Day

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Listen carefully. Now matter how you monetize your website (your own products, affiliate programs, advertisements) you will not make any money unless you get lots of VISITORS to come to your website. In most cases you usually need at least 1,000 visitors per day to make $100 per day, though it varies greatly on what niche your website is in.

There are two ways to monetize your websites, Advertisements (like Adsense or Affiliate Products), or selling your own products that you create which can be physical or digital (information or software).

If you monetize your website with Advertisements, you’ll make about $10 per 1,000 visitors, so you would need 10,000 visitors per day to make $100 per day monetizing your website though Advertisements. That is a lot of visitors per day, and very hard to get. Very few websites get 10,000 visitors per day.

If you sell a product (physical product, digital product, membership site access, ebook, video course access, private forum access, or anything else you can think of to sell) and make $20 in profit each sale and make one sale per 200 visitors(good conversion rates like this only happen if your website has no free content and is just a pitch page, any free content you add will hurt your sales rates), you would need only 1,000 visitors per day to make $100 per day. 1,000 visitors per day is doable.

4 best ways to get 1,000 visitors to come to your website every day

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The above diagram shows you the four best ways to get 1,000 visitors per day. As you can see, if you monetize your site with your own Product, you can get all 4 streams. But if you monetize with affiliate ads or other types of advertisements, you cannot profitably buy traffic and you cannot get Affiliate traffic.

The way you get 1,000 visitors per day is though a mix of Search Engine Traffic, Affiliate Traffic, Paid Traffic, and Email List Traffic. Lets look at each one.

1. You can get a lot of traffic from Search Engines.

You do it by starting a website with a cool domain name where you add at least one new blog post or article to your site every day. Search engines love to rank free content high because that is what their searchers (customers) want, free information and free stuff. So if you add a new unique high quality article or blog post to your website each day, you will likely get a lot of search traffic over time. That is how many of the most popular websites in the world get their traffic. Look at sites like CopyBlogger and Mashable, they add new high quality pages to their sites every day and get tons of traffic because of it, with each new page ranking in search engines for more keywords. This is a slow process though, and very time consuming.

You can hire people to write for you for just $5 per 400 word article if you are too lazy to write your own content, or just want to expand your website faster, but the thing about hiring people is that they will usually not do as good of a job as you would have done simply because they don’t care about your website as much as you do, they just want to get paid. I’m telling you that if you add one high quality, unique blog post or article that is at least 400 words to your site every day, you will enjoy more search traffic and your website will grow in value. Every 3 months, your website will grow by 100 pages, each page ranking for more keywords. Try it and see what happens, do it for 100 days straight, 20 minutes per day (you can write 400 words in 20 minutes, try it).

If you cannot think of things to write about on your topic, go to Youtube.com or DeviantArt.com and search for a video or piece of art about your topic, and then embed it in a post and write about how much you like it. Or write about how to do something within your topic of interest. Or write about news from your niche or make a video about it. If you are funny, make a funny video every day about something you like and post it to youtube and embed it on your site, there are many very successful people that do that and get thousands of video views.

2. You can get a lot of traffic from Affiliates.

To get affiliates you have to start a information product website, or product website. Then offer a high paying affiliate program though a site like Clickbank.com. You can see examples of sites with high paying affiliate programs in the clickbank marketplace or in the top 100 clickbank products. You want to pay out 75% of the amount of each sale you make, so you can attract as many website owner and email list affiliates as possible. Then you should contact websites owners in your niche and ask them if they could promote your product website on their website through your affiliate program, or pay them to advertise your product though banner ads, reviews, or posts. If they don’t respond at first, keep asking them, people usually give in if you are persistent. Also ask them to do a blast to their email list for your product. But remember, they will only promote your product if it is very high quality, pays a lot per sale, and is related to their niche, so you have to consider all of those things when making your product.

And don’t spend forever making your product! Especially if you are selling digital products, since they can’t actually see or use the product before they buy it. Make your pitch page really good, make your product good enough to sell and then improve it over time after you start making money from it.

3. You can Buy a lot of traffic.

You have to have your own product to buy traffic. You can get a lot of traffic by buying it directly from other websites in your niche that get traffic, or from big Pay Per Click networks like Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Ebay, and Amazon. Adfly is a good place to buy traffic. They sell 1,000 worldwide visitors for $0.80 cents, and 1,000 US visitors for $4. Its best to send this traffic to a email optin for a free product, or a paid product, so that you can maximize profits and email list building.

If you want to buy traffic, you have to make sure that you are going to make more money than you spend on the traffic. You do this by having a very targeted landing page where people can only buy your product, or only opt-in to your email list. Do not put links to other places on your landing pages, or you will leak that very expensive traffic and your conversion rate will fall below profitability. If you optimize your site well enough and have a high enough converting product or free offer, it is possible to buy traffic every day and make profits from it. If you monetize your site with Advertisements and Affiliate Products only and not your own product, it will be very hard to buy traffic profitably, so start a website on a topic that you can eventually create a product for so that you can buy traffic and get affiliate traffic.

4. You can get reoccurring traffic though an Email List

As you get traffic from the above mentioned methods, your email list will grow. You can have an opt-in in your sidebar, you can sign them up when they buy your product, or you can give away a free ebook or video though a dedicated opt-in page. As your email list grows, send them cool free information, new videos you like on youtube related to your niche, new videos you make, new blog posts and articles you write, and occasionally an offer for a high quality product you create or an affiliate product.

But be warned about email lists. You have to be in a niche where people have a hard time solving their problem, where they are always interested in learning new things about the niche. Niches that are good for list building are niches like making money, health and fitness, and video games, because people have problems in these niches that they never really solve (people always need help making more money, new video games are always coming out, and people always have health and fitness problems they need help with). Also, the big niches are good because there are many affiliate products in these niches and more coming out all the time for you to promote.

Plus, to keep your list members opening your emails, you have to send your list lots of free cool stuff (like written and video content), in addition to product offers, because if at any point they decide they don’t like you they will stop opening your emails and your list will be useless. If you are in a smaller niche, one where people buy your product that solves their problem and then no longer have any interest in the niche, you might want to make list building a lesser priority and only collect emails from buyers.

List building is the hardest way to get traffic out of product creation, affiliate traffic, buying traffic, and seo. The reason its the hardest way to get traffic, is because you have to be really careful with your management of your list. On this site I collect emails through Aweber.com, by making people optin to get to the purchase page, and then they can confirm their subscription if they want through the confirmation email sent to them. Email lists of “buyers” are the best.

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  1. danielgaona

    I have a personal website where I write pretty much about traveling, internet vide-tutorials, and I am starting to sell some of the tutorials, the question is… is it ok to make a mix about traveling and tutorials?

    My vision for the website is to be more remembered as a cool computer guy =) who does interesting things and besides he has some tutorials

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Daniel,

    Its fine to have a mix site about traveling and video tutorials, but if you want to make the most money you can from it, I would make your tutorial site on a new domain name. Make the homepage of your tutorial site a landing page where people can opt-in with their email address to get a free tutorial, then when they opt-in have it forward them to a page with a pitch for a tutorial package for $10 to $30, along with access to their free tutorial. You could setup a bunch of different free tutorial giveaway email opt-in pages to target different niches.

    Then you could cross promote your two sites with each other.

    You’ll be building an email list which you can use for doing trades at http://safe-swaps.com/ to get more traffic to your tutorial site. Building an email list is so important.

    You should check out http://www.lynda.com/ they are a very successful tutorial site.

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