How To Get Traffic From Blog Comments

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Make 10 comments on different blogs per night.

Keep in mind that your comments will be read by the owner of the blog that you comment on. Add value to his post with your comment, link to his posts, and eventually become friends with him so he will promote your products and link to your posts.

Also helps with gaining backlinks, even nofollow are good.

Finding good blogs to post on(search for ones ranking in the top 10 for keywords in your market, check for popular ones) .

Even comment on small blogs, because the webmasters of those are more prone to come to you site.

Don’t post things like “great post” comments, because people won’t click your profile link. Expand them, be sincere, relevant, and valuable.

Make interesting, useful comments. -you want to build a presence

Look for blogs with top commenter lists, and GET INTO THEM, and and, all the links to blogs on says when he started he was commenting on 100 blogs a day, and it was his key to success.

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