How To Get Traffic From Forums

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Do Follow Forums –, look for forums that are in the niche that your product is in, you can get a lot of targeted traffic from sig posts -instead of posting a new post to your blog, post a really good post to a forum, with links to other posts in your post(yaro said this worked really good for him in his ebook page 31) -be a valuable forum member and don’t just do it for the traffic, and you’ll get a lot of traffic. The more value you add the more you’ll get. Don’t do shameless selfpromotion. -Make good posts that reflect well on your image. Help others, do interesting posts. -you want to build a presence. -Your signature (should go to a free blog with info on your topic), make it flashy noticeable, with links to your blog or product landing page. -Case Studies of people forum posting the right now -Link Juice from forum sigs, see their WSO area and post your product there -make 5 replies per night. -make interesting, useful posts. -make useful hosts of howto’s or tutorials, or great info.

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