How To Get Traffic From Youtube

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Look at the most viewed videos and analyze what they do

Analyze . Watch the way he talks directly to you. Notice how he is just like a good person, a friend you would want to have. Be like that, be a friend. Don’t be fake or nervous.

Title of your videos keeping SEO in mind. Use words people would search for. Google likes to rank videos in their results.

Successful youtubers they talk right to you, they ask you to like and subscribe, they let their personalities shine.

Use Camtasia or ishowu

Case studies of successful youtubers (hotforwords, 2createawebsite, wine guy)

Video is the most popular entertainment medium, think yuoutube, tv, movies, adult industry, videogames.

Make all kinds of how to videos and fun videos like

Always use a good thumbnail, on most sites you can set it

Keep your videos at 5 minutes on average.

Always say your website url alout in your videos.

Going viral, one of the all time most viewed youtube videos

Cross post your videos in your blog, then email your list when you make a new one.

Make video responses to videos that ask for them.

Pay popular youtubers to put ads for your website in their videos, or mention your website.

Always include links in your descriptions back to your site.

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