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The secret to ranking well in search engines and getting a lot of traffic from them these days is that you have to have lots of free high quality content (like 1 new 250+ word blog post per day, as this will allow you to rank for long tail keywords), and lots of links to your homepage with anchor text set to variations of the keyword phrase you are targeting, and lots of links to your sub-pages. You want to build lots of links to your homepage because the juice to your homepage will drip down to your sub-pages, search engines such as google and bing give a ranking boost to homepages because their users are most satisfied when sent to the homepage of a website that matches their search query, and websites naturally have most of their back links going to their homepage so your link profile will look as natural as possible to search engines. Just look at the search results of any short tail, high search volume keyword, its usually all homepages ranking in the top 10 results.

To get links, you can either wait a really long time for people to link to you naturally (which might/will never happen), or you can buy them. Yes, buying links can get your website banned/deindexed/penalized in search engines, but if you want to rank quickly for competitive terms, you have to buy links. Search engines don’t like you buying links because its the main way they rank websites, and they don’t want you manipulating their search results. But the truth is, if you check the backlinks for just about any website ranking for High Search Volume and Highly Competitive keyword phrases, you will find that just about all of them are buying links, or they are very old websites that are grand-fathered in. So you have no hope of ranking for competitive terms unless you buy links yourself, or your website is many years old with many pages and already entrenched in the results. Unfortunately there are only so many High Search Volume keyword phrases (about 10,000) with many people (about 7 billion people) trying to rank for each one, and to compete you have to buy links just like they do, or they will rank higher than you.

I have never had a website banned or penalized when I have bought links, and in general you are a lot more likely to get banned if you *sell* links from your website. But search engine employees can deindex/ban/penalize your website with the flick of a button, whether you buy links or not, even if the only thing wrong with your website is that they happen to not like it for one reason or another. Pretty risky game if you think about it. You can go to bed one night ranking #1 and getting lots of search traffic, then wake up no where to be found or with a -50 rankings penalty, it happens to people all the time. That’s why I recommend that you start out making money online by creating a product website or digital product website, with a high paying affiliate program, and a highly optimized sales funnel and pitch page so that you can afford to profitably buy traffic and get affiliates to promote your site, rather than gambling on search engine rankings that can disappear any day.

To stay up to date with search engine ranking strategies, I highly recommend you read the Traffic Planet Forums and SEOBook Blog every day. I have been good at SEO for a long time, and these guys really know what they are talking about.

As you read Traffic Planet, you might realize that Search Engine Optimization is a GIANT hassle/headache, and you will probably make more money if you put your time into create more products with high paying affiliate programs, emailing potential affiliates that rank well in search results or that have large email lists and asking them to promote your product, looking for more websites to buy banners on, and looking for more list owners to do email blasts to their list for you.

With that said, here are the places I buy links for my SEO websites.

Links To Buy

Here are the the TrafficPlanet Forums Special Offers and Warrior Classifieds that you should try, these work very good. Most of these are networks with 30 or more websites, that will post a link to your site on the homepage of every site in their network with your anchor text of choice. Imagine what having 100+ domain homepages linking to your site will do to your rankings.

I’d recommend that you choose a different keyword phrase for each service you buy, and point the links at your homepage, or sub-pages that are targeting keywords with less competition that you are confident you could rank for.

So, if you want your homepage to rank for “skateboards” then you should set the anchor text of your backlinks to the keyword “skateboards” and make your homepage html “title tag” to something like

Notice how the keyword “Skateboards” is repeated 4 times in the title tag of, the site that ranks #1 in google for the keyword “skateboards” which gets 1,170 search per day. Its no coincidence that they repeat the keyword 4 times in their title tag, its part of why they rank #1, along with tons of backlinks with the anchor text set as “skateboards”.

Link packages you should try-

$25 per month for 33 Pr2-Pr4 Homepage Backlinks –

$15 per month Blog Network backlinks

$59 per month Blog Network backlinks, plus $2.50 per article, or you can submit your own articles

This guy will post articles with your links to the Authority Link Network every day. ALN is a network of thousands of blogs owned by many different people.

$35 network per month –

Guaranteed Page 1 Google Rankings –

$29 per month –

$197 per month –

Here are the Fiverr gigs I buy for my websites that I do search optimization for (I don’t do search optimization for my product websites like this one, because my product websites only have a few indexable pages and I set them up for the highest sales conversions possible instead of getting search traffic so that I can afford to profitably buy as much traffic and get as many affiliates to promote me as possible). For websites that you want to rank well with in search engines, you need to post new blog posts to them frequently, as search engines like to rank websites with lots free content in the form of pages/posts. I buy these gigs over the course of a couple weeks, to keep the number of links to my site from spiking too much, and to make it look as natural as possible so I can avoid flagging any link velocity penalties in the search algorithms.

I only buy gigs with many good reviews. You should also consider looking for other gigs, do a fiverr search for words like “links” and “backlinks” and “seo” etc.

All of these

My Results

I bought subscriptions to the above 5 link networks to the homepage of my site I set the anchor text to variations of the keyword “how to make money online” such as “how to make money online for free” “ways to make money online” and “making money online”. According to and Google Keyword Tool, the keyword phrase “how to make money online” gets about 400 searches per day. Within two weeks, I was ranking #3 to #5 for this keyword phrase, and getting about 50 visits per day from ranking between #3 and #5 for the keyword “how to make money online”.

I was paying about $400 per month for this keyword (the total monthly cost of the 5 services above), and since I hadn’t finished my product for that site yet, I decided to cancel those services, and have now dropped to ranking around #50 to #60. But this case study shows you that even for a super competitive keyword like “how to make money online” which has 211,000,000 search results, you can rank #3 and up quickly if you are willing to buy links.

4 thoughts on “Link Building Secrets

  1. admin Post author


    How were you building the links?

    It usually takes a week or two for links to get picked up and indexed by search engines. Then over time as links age, they give you more juice.

  2. rimam1


    I don’t know much about you, but you seem to have taken the MMO industry by storm. Your prices are really cheap and you just introduced me to some new SEO services on the Warrior Forum that I’ve never seen before. Pretty cool stuff so far.

    I’m thinking of buying some traffic on networks like AdBrite, AdSonar, BuySellAds, etc. and direct linking to affiliate sales pages to see how things go. I want to diversify my traffic beyond the search engines.


  3. imrenegade

    The problem is that more then half of your backlinks don’t even get indexed!! I use pingkaching to assist in indexing my content AND any manual backlinking I do.

    So, I plug the url into ping kaching and submit it to 1 or 2 social bookmarking sites which will index it within 24 hours.

    Sure, you’re helping out your “competitors” because you should be getting links from sites with similar content (google loves this) BUT you’ll also win because you get credit for the link.

    The truth is most links never get indexed!!

    Keep in mind I only do this for manual links which are usually pr 2 or higher. Obviously I don’t do it for automated link building such as article syndication.

    Best of luck!!

    Any thoughts?

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