5 Online Business Owners That You Must Study And Subscribe To

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FrankKern.com ( Lots of his free stuff here http://masscontrolsite.com/blog/ )

Most of these guys make over a million dollars per year selling their membership training courses, software, an books. Copyblogger has TeachingSells.com and Frank Kern sometimes opens his MassControlMonthly to his email subscribers which he charges $199 per month for. He charges so much money for it because it further adds to its perceived value.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn.

So spend your time reading the words of the top internet marketers in the world, and you will become like them.

Read http://jonbischke.com/2009/04/24/the-5-things-id-tell-my-21-year-old-entrepreneurial-self/


The mindset of a customer http://www.remarkable-communication.com/50-things-your-customers-wish-you-knew/

7 thoughts on “5 Online Business Owners That You Must Study And Subscribe To

  1. billbob69

    I wonder who he dreams about having sex with?? bug him until he spills and then blog it. get loads of traffic…

  2. billbob69

    If you’ve not tried Pagelines, I suggest you give it a try. loads more features than Thesis. everyone complains about slow updates with Thesis, also. there blog is annoying, too. if that’s the owner he needs to be traffic away cos his blogs should be about Thesis, not just SEO, though I guess he does it for the traffic it brings??

    by the way, why don’t you have an option to tic a box and get updates on comments made??

  3. John0500

    Love your work man. The techniques in this comprehensive video trainings is a gold mind and best for anyone who wants to make high ticket commissions with the least effort.

    With this in place you can never fail to make money online unless you are been lazy.

    Good Job man


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