How To Build A Large Network Of Affiliates That Will Send Tons Of Traffic To Your Website

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You want to have your Affiliate program run through a major network like Clickbank so affiliates know they will be paid, rather than running it through a custom affiliate program.

Make a cool product with a high payout (with monthly reoccurring billing if possible) and a good landing page similar to the top 10 clickbank products, email website owners in your niche that have large email lists. Find these website owners with large lists by looking at the top 100 clickbank products on and contacting them via their contact page or whois email found through godaddy whois lookup.

List your program in the Warrior Forum Affiliate Database for $100.

Do google searches for keywords related to your product, and email the websites ranking in the top 10 asking if they will promote your affiliate program via a blog post, email list blast, or a banner add, and if they say no ask how much money they want upfront to do one of those things.

Have a great affiliate resource area with an email option to access it. Look at the affiliate pages of any of the top 100 clickbank products. Have great banners with a human face in them to get a high clickthrough rate to choose from made by or

Watch to learn about the atributes of banners with high click through rates. He mostly says, boobs(female torsos) get the highest clicks.

“FORM FRIENDSHIPS WITH OTHER MARKETERS!!!! If you want to make a fortune online you absolutely must go out and make friends with others in your market. And once you do it will be 1,000 times easier to have others ALLOW YOU to leverage all of their Internet marketing assets. The best friendships I have are ones where I was able to talk to the person (and get to know them) on the phone.” John Reese.

Ask people paying for Google Adwords keyword related to your product if they would email your product to their list, and ask the people ranking high in the rankings too.

90% of people earning $5,000+ a month online have there own products and affiliate program. You’ve probably signed up for an affiliate program before, but imagine if you had 1000 people just like you sending traffic to your site. If you create a great product with a high paying affiliate program, you can have a real online business that makes you good money.

If someone asks for a free copy of your product to do a review, GIVE IT TO THEM!
Give webmasters and bloggers your product for free, ask them to review it in a blog post, and ask if they will be an affiliate. Also say that if they like it they can be added in your testimonials with a dofollow link.

CALL UP OR EMAIL THE TOP 100 WEBSITES IN THE NICHE YOUR PRODUCT IS IN, AND ASK THEM TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT! Get them to promote your product, bug them until they do. Be remember, your product has to be good enough and high paying enough for them to promote.

Examples Of Emails That Successful Product Owners Send Out To Recruit Affiliate Websites

Here are two emails sent by successful product owners to recruit website owners within their niche to become their affiliates. You should make emails like this and send them to website owners in your niche that rank in the top 10 in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, that have successful product, or that buy lots of ads.

Email Title- Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide
Email Text-

My name is John Greenhoe and I’m the owner of the Shokz Guide. As I’m sure you know my guide is the top selling Starcraft 2 Guide and has really taken off in the past month. I currently have affiliates making 20+ sales a day and with an average of my affiliates making 5 – 10 sales a day, my guide is now selling at its normal price of $37 with a commission of 60% which pays out $20 per sale to affiliates. All this is before the launch of Starcraft 2, once the game launches I expect these numbers to increase 10 fold.

The reason my guide has become so popular is the quality I’ve put into the design of my site and the quality of all the strategies of my guide. I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to look at the guide but If you are interested I would like to give you a free membership to my site so yo can check out the quality I put into each post, I’m also working on a lot of my own video commentary guides which I will be publishing them soon.

I’ve been following your guide closely for the past couple months and feel that your site would be a lot more profitable by becoming an affiliate of my guide. You have some high keywords rankings on Google and I would be willing to help you design a affiliate page for my guide which would help with the high conversions so you can become a top affiliate to my site. Judging by your sales if you earn 20 sales a day as an affiliate at $20 per sale you would be earning $400 a day which is a lot more than your current earnings on your site and you won’t have to worry about updating your members area, dealing with customers or refund requests.

Here is my affiliate area where you can get banners and an affiliate link

With doing this you could still keep your members area open to your current members, but we would design your homepage to be a great looking site with your blog and your review of my guide with your affiliate links. I know with your keywords on google and my high converting site that you will be a lot more profitable with my guide.

The only thing that you would need to do is keep updating your blog which brings you the traffic to your site, I’m also willing to offer a big discount to all your members to purchase my guide with your affiliate link.

I’m also going to be adding a 1 on 1 Training for my members where they can purchase a replay report for $25 per replay where I will watch one of their replays and give them a report on things they can do to improve their game which also is going to offer affiliate commission to all my affiliates.

If you are interested please contact me via email or Skype at JGreenhoe.

John Greenhoe

Email Title- Harrison, an IMPORTANT message for you…
Email Text-
Hi Harrison,

Tim & Anthony Buchalka here from

YAJVR = Yet Another JV Request!

We know, you are probably GROANING and about to “Click Delete”
but please read on at least a little before you do that…

This is different and here’s why…

We have something that would really compliment
your website and as we are both in the Web Traffic/
Internet Marketing niche, we figured this may be of great interest
to you.

We also see that you are ranking well for the keyword phrase:
“need web traffic”, so we think this would be a perfect
fit & opportunity for you.

We’ve got a high gravity, great converting web traffic software
product on CLICKBANK.

The software is called the Web Traffic Genius and it sells for


It means you have the opportunity to get payed a healthy 60%
commission on every sale you refer equating to around $52 per sale
for you.

A $52 commission for each and every sale.

Automatically paid to you weekly via ClickBank.

The sales page conversion rate is anywhere from 3.8 – 12.4%
depending on the list or web visitors.

The product is “web traffic getting” software that cleverly uses
the power of RSS feed technology to generate backlinks on

We have designed and built this software that has undergone
several upgrades and improvments over the last 6 months.

It consists of a wordpress plugin, as well as a “standalone”
version for static websites. So we cover most websites out there.

Here is the sales page;


Pretty well everyone marketing online needs web traffic so this
offer has got pretty wide appeal right?

The relatively high gravity (45+ as I type this) in clickbank shows
that a lot of affiliates are making serious cash with this, IT
CONVERTS and importantly – the software WORKS…

Now it’s your turn, one or two simple emails, or add one of our pre
made banners and you make have the opportunity for some serious


You have the OPTION of using the provided discount coupon if you

The coupon is a unique code you can give to your subscribers and
when they enter it on the web traffic genius sales page the price
drops by $30 right there on screen.

Instantly, in real time.

This gets the visitor really excited by the massive discount and
makes you look like a nice person by giving them a way to get a
hefty discount.

And even then you still make 60% or around $36 per sale if they use
the coupon.

Talk about a win-win in this economy where your subscribers are
looking to save a few bucks.

Conversions MASSIVELY INCREASED when affiliates started using this
coupon, so we suggest this is probably the best way for you to
promote the web traffic genius.

The coupon to give to your subscribers is “traffic” (the visitor
would enter this without the double quotes), into the sales page
itself above the order button.

It all makes for a no brainer for you to promote.

Of course, IT’S UP TO YOU if you want to use the coupon or not.

You can just use a standard clickbank affiliate link without
handing out the coupon if you want and get the full $52 per sale.

Free bonuses include a complete wordpress optimized blog maxed out
with the latest SEO plugins, including our own plugin, ready for
uploading. Perfect for newbies setting up their first blog. We
also provide some neat search engine ranking software that we


Looking for banners, sample emails, affiliate link etc? Then
please visit this link below to grab some of these.

It’s our special affiliate resources and tools page for you.

Want to discuss a reciprocal mail out for your product to our list?


Sure, send us some details.

We’re absolutely happy to consider it if it’s a good fit for our

And if you needed something personal from us, e.g. your own landing
page on our site, or a custom video, or something along those
lines, we’d love to help out.

All you need to do is ask…

If you have any questions please drop me a line at (yes I personally answer these) or via

My skype id is overwhelmingtraffic.
If you really keen you can call me on;
+61 422 512 549 (Australia).
Thanks for your time, and we hope we can work together in the near
What an opportunity?
Tim & Anthony Buchalka

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