How To Buy Banner Ads On Websites And How To Make Banner Ads That Will Get The Highest Number Of Clicks Per View

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Search Google and Yahoo for keywords related to your niche and product, then contact the owner of the site through their contact page or Whois and ask them how much money they want per month for a banner ad on their site, preferably above the fold. The offer them half the money they want, and negotiate from there.

Get them to do a blog post reviewing your product, as well as add a text link to their site in the footer or sidebar for seo benefits.

Look through the sites on, and contact them directly to buy ads. Ask them to open a new slot for you, unrelated to their BuySellAds slots.

Make your banners have a pretty woman’s face in them, see ShoeMoney Video Look at the success of GoDaddy and their #1 position in their niche, it has a lot to do with them using two very pretty girls in their homepages and in their commercials. What do these pretty girls have to do with domain names and web hosting? Nothing. Its just that pretty girls sell.

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