How To Buy Traffic From Google Adwords

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Adwords is actually the worst place to get traffic because there is so much demand and competition for it which drives up the prices to unprofitable points, and the only way to to it profitably is to make your goal to break even on sales and profit from the affiliates you get and the links you get from the Adwords traffic.

Affiliate marketing via adwords doesn’t work, even if you are getting 75%. That 25% you’re not getting, and you won’t be building your list of e-mails of buyers and people interested. Also, when someone goes to your ad in position 1, then decides to go back and think about it, click ad 3 for the same affiliate product and buys it there, you won’t get the credit. You need your own product for adwords. The theory of affiliate marketing with ppc is flawed. Since its all based on bidding, clicks get bid up until everyone is just breaking even, and the affiliates can’t make money against the product owner who has a 25% higher margin.

Its good to run adwords campaigns to gather data on kewyords to see which words people are search for heavily and which words people are buying on(through conversion tracking), then build your seo campaign around those successful words.

Use exact match to start out, and only start with 10 keywords. Set the “Ad Title” as the keyword you are targeting. For example if you buy the keyword [web hosting] make the first part of your “Ad Title” Web Hosting.

Opt out of the Search Network and Content Network, lots of click fraud in those.

Only target America, Canada, and England.

Quality score- based on title relevance, and mostly ctr. 10% gets you about an 8, 12% a 9, and 20%+ is a 10

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