How To Decide On Topic To Create A Membership Site On

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Just look through the top 100 clickbank products at and pick a site that you think you could make a better version of or a version that is at least as cool.

“Only create products that really help people. Products that help people get better lives.” And stick with it, because in many cases successful people say that their biggest success came right after their biggest failure” –Eben Pagan

Solve a problem, don’t create a product you think is cool. Scratch an itch. Nobody who bought a drill ever really wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should deliver information about making holes, not about drills! Sounds awfully simple, doesn’t it?” Apply this to all your marketing strategies, don’t market your product, market a solution to a burning problem. -Products are better than services. If you hire out your time, you will be limiting your income potential, you only have so much time to sell, but you can sell a digital product and service a much larger number of customers in a very small amount of time.”

Don’t think of it as creating a membership site, think of it as creating a solution to a problem that a lot of people have. Join some successful membership sites and buy some successful digital information products in niches that interest you (get a refund if you want) that you think you could clone, and make a similar site to their membership site and traffic streams. Use and to estimate how much money they are making by looking at how much traffic they are getting and which websites they are getting it from, then duplicate their traffic streams. The size of the product niche you choose is going to determine how many affiliates you will be able to attract, and how many websites you will be able to buy banner ads on, so consider picking a large niche.

From Teaching Sells. These are the niches they say are the best, and good to create membership sites for.

Weight loss (this one has elements of health, relationships, and status)
Business education (money and status)
Parenting advice (relationships)
Attracting the person you want to attract (relationships, can also include status)
Investing advice (money and status)
Improving your golf game (or any game) (often status — beating your friends)
Sex (relationships)
The “green” movement (health)
Luxury fashion brands (status)
Professional education (money and status)
Celebrities (relationships — we imagine we know these folks, which makes us crave gossip about them)
Cool technology (status)
Organic food and alternative ways of eating (health)

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