How To Do Perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Build links with the Anchor Text as the keyword you want to rank for. For a more detailed guide on link building click here.

Like <a href=””>Keyword Phrase You Want To Rank For</a>

For example if your site is, and you want to rank for the keyword “Paintball Guns” then build links like

<a href=””>Paintball Guns</a>


What Google Is
Google’s goal is to connect people with the most relevant result for anything they search for and give them the best experience possible, does your content do that? They rank sites based on popularity. For example, if you search for “shoes”, Google gives you results showing the sites with the most links with the anchor text “shoes” linking to them.

They sort their search results by the highest number of links with that anchor text to lowest, and they also measure bounce rate (weather or not the visitor hit the back button or not) to make sure their search results are relevant.

How to Build Links So You Can Rank Well – Guide to Link Building

SeoLinkWheelers Interview talking about new social proof ranking factors, that you should buy top 3 directory links, and their service

Submit to directories

Buy dofollow links by contacting websites and asking them how much money they want for a permanent link in their sidebar, footer, or a blog post. Then offer them half or less or what they want, and negotiate from there.

READ THIS! Build a big link wheel using these sites

Networks to Create Profiles On

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  1. DrewBullyBlog

    This is the bane of my existence and I am probably spending too much time trying to soak up information as opposed to just writing content. I can tell my traffic continues to rise as I write but I also want to make sure I am being as effective as possible with every word I write.
    This is a good video.


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