How To Get 20,000 Visitors Per Day

First of all, to get 20,000 visitors per day, you have to choose a large niche with a lot of people interested in it. Most niches simply don’t have 20,000 people that are interested every day.

The top three most popular niches are Money, Health, and Relationships. There are many hundreds of thousands of people looking for help for their problems within those niches every day.

A good way to find popular subjects is to look through the most viewed youtube videos each day on the youtube charts

If a certain subject has multiple videos each getting around 100,000 views each day, then you know that’s a niche that you could get a lot of traffic in.

You should consider starting website about new topics that come out, like new video games or computer games, or new technology gadgets like netbooks, 3d tvs, or new movies. The reason you should start websites about “new” things is because you’ll have more of a chance to rank high since there aren’t already websites that are years old with thousands of backlinks in “new” niches.

How I Got 20,000 Visitors per day

So, to get 20,000 visitors per day consistently, you either have to build a network of affiliates by having a high paying affiliate program, buying traffic, or getting it from search engines.

See that screenshot on the homepage of this site showing over 20,000 visitors per day?

I got that by starting a website about a popular computer game. I started the website about 9 months before the game came out, so that I could be ranking and ready when it came out. I decided to target the keywords “Game Name Strategies”, “Game Name Strategy”, and “Game Name Strategy Guide” with my domain name and homepage title tag by setting the homepage title tag to “Game Name Strategy Guide & Walkthrough – Game Name Strategy Guide” (repeating “Game Name Strategy Guide twice for an extra boost). Plus I made the domain name “” to include the keywords in the domain name, which helps with rankings (though be warned that companies can go after you if you use their trademark name in your url, some don’t and some do, so be careful, and instead choose a word related to your game that is not trademarked). For example, a new site I am going to be developing for first person shooter games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 is, instead of a domain with a game name in it. I then built links to the homepage with those keyword variations, and was quickly ranking between 1 and 3 in Google for those keywords since there was hardly any competition since the game was still 9 months from coming out, and I entrenched myself at the top of the rankings and already had a strong site by the time my competitors started their sites when the game was getting closer to release.

Over the course of the next year, I added a new post to the site every day, and ended with a total of about 350 posts, each with a unique title tag targeting various keyword phrases related to the niche. For the posts, I would just look on youtube for new commentated replays of game matches, and then post a couple paragraphs talking about the match after I watched it with the videos embedded underneath. These posts ended up ranking in the top 10 for thousands of different long tail keyword, since the competition was light in this new niche, and the traffic came pouring in.

On the day the game came out, I went from getting about a thousands visits per day, to about 30,000 visits per day, and maintained that many visitors per day for about a month, then the traffic tapered off as people lost interest in the game, though the site still gets about a thousand visitors per day a year later. I monetized the site with a paid membership guide to the game.

So, if you want to get a lot of free search traffic, its good to start with a new niche so you don’t have to compete to rank with websites that have been entrenched for years.

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