How To Grow And Manage A Giant Email List By Using A “Perfect” Landing Page

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Email list building is the hardest way to make money when compared with doing SEO, getting Affiliates to send you traffic, and buying traffic. It is so hard because it requires you to really be likeable and really have exceptional products and content so people will trust you, or they will not open your emails. Are you likeable enough, is your topic interesting enough, and is your content and product interesting enough to build a big email list around? Are there enough high quality affiliate products in your niche that you can promote?

Most of the time you will make more money by setting up a homepage on a domain name that is strictly a sales pitch page with an optin to get to the checkout page, giving away nothing for free so your sales rates will be as high as possible. Affiliate don’t like to send traffic to websites where you are just trying to get people to opt-in to your list in exchange for something free instead of sell them something, because they don’t want to give you their list. But in some niches where there are a lot of affiliate products that you can promote, you might consider making your website a pitch page for a free product (like a ebook, video series, or membership site) in exchange for an email optin, or again just requiring an optin to get to your checkout page. is a good place to trade emails with people and build your list, but the problem is everyone there is in the “make money online”/”internet marketing” niche. But its a great site if you are in that niche.

How many people will open your emails?

Only about 5% to 10% of the people you email will actually open your emails and click the link in it (this also varies depending on your niche, and how much your list likes you or not based on your past emails to them). So if you have a list of 500 people, and you send an email to them, about 50 will open it, and 25 will click the link. Some people in the “internet marketing” niche have lists in the 50,000 size range, that only get about .05% click rate, or about 250 clicks each email they send to 50,000 people. But, they can send an email every day to their list of 50,000 people, and get 250 clicks. If each click is worth 30 cents, they can charge products owners in their niche $75 per email to their list, or just do emails with affiliate links and make about that much money from high converting affiliate products. Since new products come out every day in the “internet marketing” niche, there are many product owners willing to pay 30 cents per click from email blasts to large lists, and many with high paying affiliate programs from high converting sales pages.

I originally started building my list with, but they are very strict with Double Optins, so I switched to GetResponse.

A “Perfect” Landing Page is a landing page that has no links to anything but to join an email list in exchange for something free so it converts as high as possible, with optionally a link at the bottom to buy your main product to increase the perceived value of your free product, and small links in footer to join your affiliate program, and contact you. A good example of this is the homepage of Blog Mastermind and Blogging to the Bank.

A good way to convince people that your free report is worth opting in for is to show them your good results in whatever you are going to teach them, and to make your optin pitch page as professional and cool as possible.

You need to think about what you put above the fold (what the user sees before they scroll down the page). You need to put your most enticing text/images/video Above The Fold to immediately draw them in.

As CopyBlogger says “Did you know that web users spend 80% of their time above the fold? Does that mean people won’t scroll down the page? No, it just means you can’t take it for granted that they will (instead of leaving). Don’t be lazy about grabbing and holding attention. Don’t assume everyone instantly “gets” the benefit of your offer the way you do. Don’t overestimate your credibility. In short, don’t drink your own Kool-Aid. Think about it from their perspective, and you’ll realize you might not be all that (until you unequivocally prove you are with compelling copy)”

Here are some interesting conversion rate optimization tips that you should check out.

Email List Management

To keep your email list subscribers opening your emails, you have to really impress them with the free thing (ebook, report, videos, membership site access) you give them. Also, you have to be in a niche where people are very interested in your topic, so they won’t quickly grow tired of the information and product pitches you send them. Examples of topics that are good to build email lists in are dating and making money because people have very hard time solving these problems. Are you in a niche where people have a very hard time solving their problems, and would be interested in continuously receiving helpful emails and product pitches from you? If you are in a niche where people just have passing interest or easy-to-solve problems, you should probably just go for the sale instead of offering something for free, and build your email list out of actual buyers and people that optin to get to your “checkout page”, instead of freebie seekers.

You should sign up to successful marketer lists and watch what they send you and borrow ideas from them.

Think of each email you send your subscriber as a “cookie” for them to have as a treat. The “cookies” you give them in your email responder need to be extremely edible. They should be very good content, your best.

When they signup to your email list, immediately send them your 3 best tips. This will make them trust you and want to learn more from you. Most people hold their best stuff back until people have paid them, but you want to give them your best stuff upfront to build trust and convince them you really are an expert.

Move the free line. The more good free content you give away, the more you will sell, as Eben Pagan says.

Always try to look at things from the customers/visitors perspective. Ask yourself, would I really want to read/buy this?

Perry Marshal said…Sales and marketing is a sequential process. Which means that everything that happens between the introduction and the sale is 100% important. Anything that interrupts this process can be fatal to your business. Sales and marketing are the most hazardous parts of a business to outsource. Things like payroll and bookkeeping and manufacturing, easy to outsource. Your voice and your identity, almost impossible. Therefore…. Sales and marketing is worthy of your passion, devotion and dedication. It is typically the highest leverage activity in any business. And despite the fact that many “academic types” sneer at it, it’s still true: Nothing happens until somebody sells something. You MUST master two things: ONE way of getting traffic, and ONE way of converting it. If you achieve mastery, it will be perfectly OK to be merely “competent” at the other things and your business will still flourish.

That means that you have to be thinking of your visitors perception of you from the moment they come to your site, and how it changes with every word and image you show them until they buy, and then beyond so they keep buying the product you recommend them.

-Email Subject line- “Bad News”- “Seriously though, the reason for the subject is to try out a strategy I just learned by watching Frank Kern’s “Mass Control 2.0” DVDs. (He said that specific subject line had the highest open rate of any email he’d written. Even higher than a subject line saying “Great News”, which I thought was very interesting. That goes to show why FOX news is so popular. We all respond to negativity)”-Brad Callen

For email marketing niche is important because some niches have a lot more affiliate products in them that you can promote while others have hardly any. Start a domain separate from you current site, make the landing page an email capture in exchange for a free report or video that solves their main problem so you can have the highest email list signup conversion rate possible, have the backend be a reoccurring billing membership site so that you can offer a good commission to affiliates to send you traffic, then send your list links to new helpful quality content that you post between once a day and once a week with offers in between.

Watch this video by Frank Kern, but take it with a grain of salt because most niches aren’t like the internet marketing niche. He says to turn people into raving Fans by giving them excellent value. Incoming Visitors > get their e-mail, and Build relationship through excellent content and you will be set for life> Sell to them over and over. But remember, you can only sell to them over and over if you really impress them with your product, and they really like you, which is extremely hard to make people do.

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