How To Make High Quality Online Videos That Your Members Will Love

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A good way to start a membership site is to make 5 to 10 good videos each about 5 minutes long, each one explaining a very important lesson about your topic. Then you can expand your program from there.

Type out a script for each of your videos, or wing them. You should work on your scripts whenever ideas come to you and it might take a month or two, Find funny pictures on google that match the parts of your video by “image searching” for words related to pictures you want, make a powerpoint with with the pictures as you read the script, record with Camtasia or IShowU

Hit the 4 learning styles – Why(why is this important), What(theory, history), How(how to do it), What if(answer the main questions that you think your audience would ask) – explain everything through those four things.

A video at the top of your pitch page is the most important thing you can do

When writing, write for a couple hours at a time, and revise and edit. The simple way to write your own ebook

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