How To Structure Your Website For Maximum Traffic, Conversion Rate, Email Optins, And Profits

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How to Design a Homepage that Converts

Basically, the way to structure your site for maximum traffic, conversion rates, email optins, and profits is to make your homepage a pitch page for your product, and have a high paying affiliate program. The reasons you want your homepage as your pitch page, with no free content, is so your sales conversions are as high as possible.

A good example of a site designed like this is They do have some free content in their blog, but that is so they can get search engine traffic. You can go for search engine traffic too, but it will cost you a lot of time, and you could eventually get deindexed from search engines or lose your rankings. If you want to go for search engine traffic, its better to separate your product website from your seo website, so that your affiliates will be happy with high sales conversion rates.

If you make the homepage of your site a blog with lots of free content, your sales rates will be extremely low compared with a pitch page with no free content, because people will get lost in your free content. That’s the biggest mistake that people make when trying to sell their product, they make their homepage full of free stuff, and off their product through a banner in their side bar. Thats fine if you want search engine traffic, but if you want sales and affiliate, you should go with setting your homepage as a pitch page for your product with no free content.

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