Pricing Your Membership Site

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There are successful information product businesses with all kinds of different price points. When people are considering buying your product, the price doesn’t play as much a role in their final decision as how much they actually want the product. If they want the product bad enough, the price doesn’t matter (as long as its not too expensive). So you have to make them want the product.

Consider starting out low priced with a free trial at launch, then increase your price as your product gets better. Or price yourself high and position yourself at the top of your niche. People have a desire to pay the highest price for whatever they are buying, because they are conditioned to believe that everything good in their life has been expensive, like their home, car, computer, television, cool toys, college education, significant other.

The higher you price your product, the more affiliates you will attract, so also take that into consideration.

Spit test between a $1 free trail for 7 days or a month, and a higher price like $97 per month. See what works by testing.

Monthly membership products with recurring billing work very well for a lot of people. makes over $600,000 per month from their. They have a free trail, then their membership is $97 per month. , owned by Eben Pagan, makes over a million dollars a year from his membership site. He has a free trail, then charges $19 per month. only cost $5.95 per month, and the owner of that site does very well. The only problem with pricing low is that you cannot give a very high payout to affiliates, but if you product is good enough and your pitch page converts well enough, many times people will still send you traffic.

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