Reasons Why No One Joins Your Membership Website And How To Fix It

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Here are the main reasons no one buys your product or joins your membership website-

1. Your website looks like crap. When I changed the look of one of my websites from this to this it increased the sales by three times (3x) with the same amount of traffic and the exact same product. I went from making about $30 per day (1 sale) to $100 per day (3 sales) by just making my website look nice. You should study the pitch pages of the top 100 clickbank products and borrow ideas from them. The way your website looks is EXTREMELY important when it comes to people deciding if they will buy your product. Think of your website like a woman, if it isn’t pretty no one is going to give it much attention. You have to make your website as pretty and appealing as possible.

2. You give away a free report in exchange for an email address on your product pitch page. This will make your sales rates suffer badly. Yes, you will be building an email list, but you will likely make more money in the long run if you go right for the sale, and Affiliates will like you more because the traffic they send you will convert into sales better. Email lists made up of people that joined to get something for free are very overrated. Again, check the top 100 clickbank products and you will see that the vast majority of them don’t have email opt-ins in exchange for something free. Get your leads to join you list after they purchase your product, or make them opt-in to get to your sales page. An email list of people who have bought your product is worth a lot more than an email list of people who joined to get something free.

3. Your pitch page has too many links to other parts of your website, or other websites. People get distracted by links and your conversion rate will suffer. Your pitch page should only have one link, and that link should be a button to buy your product or subscribe to your membership site. You can also have some footer links to your Contact Page, Affiliate Resource Page,

Other reasons include, your topic and niche doesn’t actually solve a problem that people have, you website has a weird background color(top 10 alexa all have white backgrounds), ugly logo, weird font and font color, lack of social proof like comments open but no one commenting, facebook and twitter buttons but with only a few retweets and likes.

You have to really consider everything about your pitch page. One little thing could make your website visitors say “you had me until you said that” – you really have to think about your sales funnel completely. Every word you say matters. Every word has the potential to immediately make your visitors not like you and leave your website immediately, so choose your words very carefully.

Your website has to look professional, clean, nice logo, well organized, trust-able, and have an easy to follow path to covert without links or free stuff that will draw their attention away.

As Aaron Wall says “They are completely wrong in suggesting that aesthetic doesn’t matter. You can’t quantify the losses without testing a different approach, but companies do not sink billions of Dollars into testing product packaging just for the fun of it. At a minimum a better looking site will increase trust. That leads to all sorts of other things like: * better perceived quality * lower perceived risk * higher conversion rates * being able to charge higher rates * higher visitor value * more media exposure. In many industries the winner is not who is well known within the industry, but rather who is safe and easy for outsiders to reference. Design is important for the same reason that domain names are. Either can yield an instance sense of credibility when done well & either can quickly take it away when done poorly. And people who are new to an industry become the experts of tomorrow, so if they trust you more off the start then you build a self-reinforcing marketing channel. Whereas if you are not trusted you have to convince people to switch away from defaults after they already made their choice. And that is hard to do if they already passed you over once & your website is ugly.”

Again, people don’t join your site because your site doesn’t solve a problem people are really trying to solve, your pitch and product isn’t cool enough, you say something in your pitch that makes people not trust you or turns them off, or the visitors coming to your site have no money(they are kids) so you need to change your traffic streams or topic.

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