Buy Traffic Profitably

So, to buy traffic profitably, you have to have your own product. You just can’t do it profitably these days as an affiliate, or as someone who monetizes their website with ads only. When buying traffic, you have to factor the affiliates you gain from that traffic (some of the traffic you get will promote your products as an affiliate if your affiliate program pays out enough and your Affiliate Resource page has nice enough banners and pre-written emails for them to use). If you gain one new affiliate that makes you one sale, for every 1000 visitors you buy, that adds up to a significant amount of money which you need to factor in when you consider how much money you are making per 100 visitors you buy.

Just think about that, if you buy traffic and don’t even make any sales, but get 1 new affiliate for every 1000 visitors you buy to your site that makes just 1 sale for you, your traffic buying campaigns can be profitable even if you don’t make any sales directly from the traffic you buy (but instead sales from the affiliates you get from the traffic you buy)!

Then, you have to setup a domain name, making the pitch page the homepage. To profitably buy traffic, your sales conversion rates need to be as high as possible, and to make it as high as possible your homepage has to be a very nice high converting pitch page with links only to your buy-now page (and footer links to your contact page, affiliate resource page, and disclaimers). To learn how to make a high converting pitch page, you have to study the top 10 clickbank product pitch pages and do what they do. Read through them, watch their videos, study their graphics, make yours like theirs!

You cannot have a bunch of free content like blog posts or any other links on your pitch page, because your sales conversion rates will suffer, you will leak traffic, your traffic buys will not be profitable, your affiliates will not be happy with low sales conversion rates. Again, you don’t want to have any links in your pitch page (other than footer links) that link to anything but your purchase page, or you will leak that expensive traffic.

Look through the top 10 clickbank product pitch pages to see how they do it. Just about all of them are just strict pitch pages, with no free content, and no email optins (unless its an email optin to get to the order-now page, which is fine and a good way to build your email list). They are all super slick with nice graphics, nice graphics are extremely important in determining if people will buy from you. Do whatever you can to convince people that your product will really help them with, show them proof, tickle their emotions, show them the areas that they cannot access until after they purchase to build suspense and desire. The thing about digital products like information products is that your customers don’t get to actually see the product before they buy, so your sales totally depend entirely on your pitch page. The actual product itself doesn’t even matter in determining whether or not they are going to buy, it only depends on the quality of your pitch page (but you still have to satisfy them after they they buy so they won’t want a refund). You could have the coolest product in the world, but if your pitch page isn’t excellent, no one will buy your cool product. ITS ALL ABOUT THE PITCH PAGE! The product itself doesn’t matter until after the sale is made.

You also need to have a nice Affiliate resource page with Image Banners and Pre-Written Emails that people can email to their lists. You need to have this setup and ready before you start buying traffic, so that some of the traffic you buy will become your affiliates.

Where to Buy Traffic

A great way to buy traffic is to do searches in google for high and medium search volume keywords related to your product. Then, contact the owners of the websites ranking in the top 10 search results using their contact page or by getting their email from a Whois Lookup, and ask them how much money they want for a monthly banner ad, a sponsored blog post, or an email to their list. Offer each website owner 1/4th to 50% of the money they want, and negotiate from there. Don’t be embarrassed if your counter offer is too low, and if they don’t reply just email them again until they do reply.

Look up their website on and estimate how much traffic they get every day. If you think their website gets about 1,000 visitors per day, then if you buy a banner on their site you’ll probably get about 10 to 20 visits per day from it (1,000 ad impressions per day, with a 1% click through rate would be 10 visitors per day to your site). 10 to 20 visits per day would be 300 to 600 visits per month, so you have to consider how much money that much traffic would be worth to you. If you make 1 sale per 200 visitors, and you make $50 per sale, then you could afford to pay up to $75 for a banner ad on their site (if you get 300 visitors per month from the banner ad). You can also ask the website owners if they can do a blog post on their site reviewing your product, or announcing you as a new sponsor of their website.

Another good way to find websites to buy banners on is to look through the Technorati Top 100 Blogs for sites related to your niche, then look through the websites of the Commentors that posts Comments to the blog posts of those websites. The people that post comments on the most popular blogs in the world likely own websites that don’t get that much traffic, but if you buy a banner on 10 websites for $10 per month ($100 per month total), and each of the 10 sites that you buy a banner on send you just 5 to 10 visitors per day, that can add up to a lot of visitors per day quickly.

A good way to find email list owners to buy email list blasts from is to look through the top 100 Clickbank product websites for websites related to your product. Most of the top clickbank product website owners have large email lists. Contact them and ask them if they would do a blast to their list with an affiliate link to your product, or ask them how much it would cost for them to do it as a non-affiliate. If they have an email list of 10,000 people, then probably about 10% or 1,000 people will open the email, and half or so (500) will actually click the link in the email. Just remember, your product and pitch page have to be really good, and related to the interest of the members of their email list for this to work.

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