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How To Get 20,000 Visitors Per Day

First of all, to get 20,000 visitors per day, you have to choose a large niche with a lot of people interested in it. Most niches simply don’t have 20,000 people that are interested every day.

The top three most popular niches are Money, Health, and Relationships. There are many hundreds of thousands of people looking for help for their problems within those niches every day.

A good way to find popular subjects is to look through the most viewed youtube videos each day on the youtube charts

If a certain subject has multiple videos each getting around 100,000 views each day, then you know that’s a niche that you could get a lot of traffic in.

You should consider starting website about new topics that come out, like new video games or computer games, or new technology gadgets like netbooks, 3d tvs, or new movies. The reason you should start websites about “new” things is because you’ll have more of a chance to rank high since there aren’t already websites that are years old with thousands of backlinks in “new” niches.

How I Got 20,000 Visitors per day

So, to get 20,000 visitors per day consistently, you either have to build a network of affiliates by having a high paying affiliate program, buying traffic, or getting it from search engines.

See that screenshot on the homepage of this site showing over 20,000 visitors per day?

I got that by starting a website about a popular computer game. I started the website about 9 months before the game came out, so that I could be ranking and ready when it came out. I decided to target the keywords “Game Name Strategies”, “Game Name Strategy”, and “Game Name Strategy Guide” with my domain name and homepage title tag by setting the homepage title tag to “Game Name Strategy Guide & Walkthrough – Game Name Strategy Guide” (repeating “Game Name Strategy Guide twice for an extra boost). Plus I made the domain name “” to include the keywords in the domain name, which helps with rankings (though be warned that companies can go after you if you use their trademark name in your url, some don’t and some do, so be careful, and instead choose a word related to your game that is not trademarked). For example, a new site I am going to be developing for first person shooter games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 is, instead of a domain with a game name in it. I then built links to the homepage with those keyword variations, and was quickly ranking between 1 and 3 in Google for those keywords since there was hardly any competition since the game was still 9 months from coming out, and I entrenched myself at the top of the rankings and already had a strong site by the time my competitors started their sites when the game was getting closer to release.

Over the course of the next year, I added a new post to the site every day, and ended with a total of about 350 posts, each with a unique title tag targeting various keyword phrases related to the niche. For the posts, I would just look on youtube for new commentated replays of game matches, and then post a couple paragraphs talking about the match after I watched it with the videos embedded underneath. These posts ended up ranking in the top 10 for thousands of different long tail keyword, since the competition was light in this new niche, and the traffic came pouring in.

On the day the game came out, I went from getting about a thousands visits per day, to about 30,000 visits per day, and maintained that many visitors per day for about a month, then the traffic tapered off as people lost interest in the game, though the site still gets about a thousand visitors per day a year later. I monetized the site with a paid membership guide to the game.

So, if you want to get a lot of free search traffic, its good to start with a new niche so you don’t have to compete to rank with websites that have been entrenched for years.

Buy Traffic Profitably

So, to buy traffic profitably, you have to have your own product. You just can’t do it profitably these days as an affiliate, or as someone who monetizes their website with ads only. When buying traffic, you have to factor the affiliates you gain from that traffic (some of the traffic you get will promote your products as an affiliate if your affiliate program pays out enough and your Affiliate Resource page has nice enough banners and pre-written emails for them to use). If you gain one new affiliate that makes you one sale, for every 1000 visitors you buy, that adds up to a significant amount of money which you need to factor in when you consider how much money you are making per 100 visitors you buy.

Just think about that, if you buy traffic and don’t even make any sales, but get 1 new affiliate for every 1000 visitors you buy to your site that makes just 1 sale for you, your traffic buying campaigns can be profitable even if you don’t make any sales directly from the traffic you buy (but instead sales from the affiliates you get from the traffic you buy)!

Then, you have to setup a domain name, making the pitch page the homepage. To profitably buy traffic, your sales conversion rates need to be as high as possible, and to make it as high as possible your homepage has to be a very nice high converting pitch page with links only to your buy-now page (and footer links to your contact page, affiliate resource page, and disclaimers). To learn how to make a high converting pitch page, you have to study the top 10 clickbank product pitch pages and do what they do. Read through them, watch their videos, study their graphics, make yours like theirs!

You cannot have a bunch of free content like blog posts or any other links on your pitch page, because your sales conversion rates will suffer, you will leak traffic, your traffic buys will not be profitable, your affiliates will not be happy with low sales conversion rates. Again, you don’t want to have any links in your pitch page (other than footer links) that link to anything but your purchase page, or you will leak that expensive traffic.

Look through the top 10 clickbank product pitch pages to see how they do it. Just about all of them are just strict pitch pages, with no free content, and no email optins (unless its an email optin to get to the order-now page, which is fine and a good way to build your email list). They are all super slick with nice graphics, nice graphics are extremely important in determining if people will buy from you. Do whatever you can to convince people that your product will really help them with, show them proof, tickle their emotions, show them the areas that they cannot access until after they purchase to build suspense and desire. The thing about digital products like information products is that your customers don’t get to actually see the product before they buy, so your sales totally depend entirely on your pitch page. The actual product itself doesn’t even matter in determining whether or not they are going to buy, it only depends on the quality of your pitch page (but you still have to satisfy them after they they buy so they won’t want a refund). You could have the coolest product in the world, but if your pitch page isn’t excellent, no one will buy your cool product. ITS ALL ABOUT THE PITCH PAGE! The product itself doesn’t matter until after the sale is made.

You also need to have a nice Affiliate resource page with Image Banners and Pre-Written Emails that people can email to their lists. You need to have this setup and ready before you start buying traffic, so that some of the traffic you buy will become your affiliates.

Where to Buy Traffic

A great way to buy traffic is to do searches in google for high and medium search volume keywords related to your product. Then, contact the owners of the websites ranking in the top 10 search results using their contact page or by getting their email from a Whois Lookup, and ask them how much money they want for a monthly banner ad, a sponsored blog post, or an email to their list. Offer each website owner 1/4th to 50% of the money they want, and negotiate from there. Don’t be embarrassed if your counter offer is too low, and if they don’t reply just email them again until they do reply.

Look up their website on and estimate how much traffic they get every day. If you think their website gets about 1,000 visitors per day, then if you buy a banner on their site you’ll probably get about 10 to 20 visits per day from it (1,000 ad impressions per day, with a 1% click through rate would be 10 visitors per day to your site). 10 to 20 visits per day would be 300 to 600 visits per month, so you have to consider how much money that much traffic would be worth to you. If you make 1 sale per 200 visitors, and you make $50 per sale, then you could afford to pay up to $75 for a banner ad on their site (if you get 300 visitors per month from the banner ad). You can also ask the website owners if they can do a blog post on their site reviewing your product, or announcing you as a new sponsor of their website.

Another good way to find websites to buy banners on is to look through the Technorati Top 100 Blogs for sites related to your niche, then look through the websites of the Commentors that posts Comments to the blog posts of those websites. The people that post comments on the most popular blogs in the world likely own websites that don’t get that much traffic, but if you buy a banner on 10 websites for $10 per month ($100 per month total), and each of the 10 sites that you buy a banner on send you just 5 to 10 visitors per day, that can add up to a lot of visitors per day quickly.

A good way to find email list owners to buy email list blasts from is to look through the top 100 Clickbank product websites for websites related to your product. Most of the top clickbank product website owners have large email lists. Contact them and ask them if they would do a blast to their list with an affiliate link to your product, or ask them how much it would cost for them to do it as a non-affiliate. If they have an email list of 10,000 people, then probably about 10% or 1,000 people will open the email, and half or so (500) will actually click the link in the email. Just remember, your product and pitch page have to be really good, and related to the interest of the members of their email list for this to work.

4 Best Ways To Get 1000 Visitors Per Day

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How to Market your Website for $100

Listen carefully. Now matter how you monetize your website (your own products, affiliate programs, advertisements) you will not make any money unless you get lots of VISITORS to come to your website. In most cases you usually need at least 1,000 visitors per day to make $100 per day, though it varies greatly on what niche your website is in.

There are two ways to monetize your websites, Advertisements (like Adsense or Affiliate Products), or selling your own products that you create which can be physical or digital (information or software).

If you monetize your website with Advertisements, you’ll make about $10 per 1,000 visitors, so you would need 10,000 visitors per day to make $100 per day monetizing your website though Advertisements. That is a lot of visitors per day, and very hard to get. Very few websites get 10,000 visitors per day.

If you sell a product (physical product, digital product, membership site access, ebook, video course access, private forum access, or anything else you can think of to sell) and make $20 in profit each sale and make one sale per 200 visitors(good conversion rates like this only happen if your website has no free content and is just a pitch page, any free content you add will hurt your sales rates), you would need only 1,000 visitors per day to make $100 per day. 1,000 visitors per day is doable.

4 best ways to get 1,000 visitors to come to your website every day

(Click image to enlarge)

The above diagram shows you the four best ways to get 1,000 visitors per day. As you can see, if you monetize your site with your own Product, you can get all 4 streams. But if you monetize with affiliate ads or other types of advertisements, you cannot profitably buy traffic and you cannot get Affiliate traffic.

The way you get 1,000 visitors per day is though a mix of Search Engine Traffic, Affiliate Traffic, Paid Traffic, and Email List Traffic. Lets look at each one.

1. You can get a lot of traffic from Search Engines.

You do it by starting a website with a cool domain name where you add at least one new blog post or article to your site every day. Search engines love to rank free content high because that is what their searchers (customers) want, free information and free stuff. So if you add a new unique high quality article or blog post to your website each day, you will likely get a lot of search traffic over time. That is how many of the most popular websites in the world get their traffic. Look at sites like CopyBlogger and Mashable, they add new high quality pages to their sites every day and get tons of traffic because of it, with each new page ranking in search engines for more keywords. This is a slow process though, and very time consuming.

You can hire people to write for you for just $5 per 400 word article if you are too lazy to write your own content, or just want to expand your website faster, but the thing about hiring people is that they will usually not do as good of a job as you would have done simply because they don’t care about your website as much as you do, they just want to get paid. I’m telling you that if you add one high quality, unique blog post or article that is at least 400 words to your site every day, you will enjoy more search traffic and your website will grow in value. Every 3 months, your website will grow by 100 pages, each page ranking for more keywords. Try it and see what happens, do it for 100 days straight, 20 minutes per day (you can write 400 words in 20 minutes, try it).

If you cannot think of things to write about on your topic, go to or and search for a video or piece of art about your topic, and then embed it in a post and write about how much you like it. Or write about how to do something within your topic of interest. Or write about news from your niche or make a video about it. If you are funny, make a funny video every day about something you like and post it to youtube and embed it on your site, there are many very successful people that do that and get thousands of video views.

2. You can get a lot of traffic from Affiliates.

To get affiliates you have to start a information product website, or product website. Then offer a high paying affiliate program though a site like You can see examples of sites with high paying affiliate programs in the clickbank marketplace or in the top 100 clickbank products. You want to pay out 75% of the amount of each sale you make, so you can attract as many website owner and email list affiliates as possible. Then you should contact websites owners in your niche and ask them if they could promote your product website on their website through your affiliate program, or pay them to advertise your product though banner ads, reviews, or posts. If they don’t respond at first, keep asking them, people usually give in if you are persistent. Also ask them to do a blast to their email list for your product. But remember, they will only promote your product if it is very high quality, pays a lot per sale, and is related to their niche, so you have to consider all of those things when making your product.

And don’t spend forever making your product! Especially if you are selling digital products, since they can’t actually see or use the product before they buy it. Make your pitch page really good, make your product good enough to sell and then improve it over time after you start making money from it.

3. You can Buy a lot of traffic.

You have to have your own product to buy traffic. You can get a lot of traffic by buying it directly from other websites in your niche that get traffic, or from big Pay Per Click networks like Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Ebay, and Amazon. Adfly is a good place to buy traffic. They sell 1,000 worldwide visitors for $0.80 cents, and 1,000 US visitors for $4. Its best to send this traffic to a email optin for a free product, or a paid product, so that you can maximize profits and email list building.

If you want to buy traffic, you have to make sure that you are going to make more money than you spend on the traffic. You do this by having a very targeted landing page where people can only buy your product, or only opt-in to your email list. Do not put links to other places on your landing pages, or you will leak that very expensive traffic and your conversion rate will fall below profitability. If you optimize your site well enough and have a high enough converting product or free offer, it is possible to buy traffic every day and make profits from it. If you monetize your site with Advertisements and Affiliate Products only and not your own product, it will be very hard to buy traffic profitably, so start a website on a topic that you can eventually create a product for so that you can buy traffic and get affiliate traffic.

4. You can get reoccurring traffic though an Email List

As you get traffic from the above mentioned methods, your email list will grow. You can have an opt-in in your sidebar, you can sign them up when they buy your product, or you can give away a free ebook or video though a dedicated opt-in page. As your email list grows, send them cool free information, new videos you like on youtube related to your niche, new videos you make, new blog posts and articles you write, and occasionally an offer for a high quality product you create or an affiliate product.

But be warned about email lists. You have to be in a niche where people have a hard time solving their problem, where they are always interested in learning new things about the niche. Niches that are good for list building are niches like making money, health and fitness, and video games, because people have problems in these niches that they never really solve (people always need help making more money, new video games are always coming out, and people always have health and fitness problems they need help with). Also, the big niches are good because there are many affiliate products in these niches and more coming out all the time for you to promote.

Plus, to keep your list members opening your emails, you have to send your list lots of free cool stuff (like written and video content), in addition to product offers, because if at any point they decide they don’t like you they will stop opening your emails and your list will be useless. If you are in a smaller niche, one where people buy your product that solves their problem and then no longer have any interest in the niche, you might want to make list building a lesser priority and only collect emails from buyers.

List building is the hardest way to get traffic out of product creation, affiliate traffic, buying traffic, and seo. The reason its the hardest way to get traffic, is because you have to be really careful with your management of your list. On this site I collect emails through, by making people optin to get to the purchase page, and then they can confirm their subscription if they want through the confirmation email sent to them. Email lists of “buyers” are the best.

The Secret To Getting Massive Traffic

You want to know the best way to get massive amounts of traffic? The best way to get massive traffic is to create your own Product. The best type of product to create is a digital product like a Membership Website, an Ebook, a Video Series, or a Piece of Software.

No matter what kind of website you have right now or which niche you are in, you can create an info product for it that helps your visitors solve their main problem. And it has to be a product that solves a problem that a lot of people have, so you have a huge potential customer pool.

The reason that creating a digital product is such a great way to get a lot of traffic, is because you can offer a high payout to Affiliates (which is the main thing that Affiliates want along with high sales conversions, which comes from having a very nice pitch page), and so that you can profitably buy traffic (since digital products have such high margins since their production costs are so low, while factoring in that some of the traffic you buy will become your Affiliates to make your traffic buying more profitable).

Let me explain further…

There are basically only 4 ways to get a lot of traffic.

1. Search Engine Traffic (but you can get banned any time, and rankings can fluctuate wildly – see all the horror stories at Traffic Planet Forums)

2. Paid Traffic (but you need to have your own Product to make this profitable, if you just monetize with ads or affiliate products you can’t profitably buy traffic)

3. Affiliate Traffic (also need your own product, so you can incentivize people with traffic to add your banners to their site and send blasts to their email lists)

4. Email List Traffic (but you also need your own product, or you won’t be perceived as a trusted expert)

You can also get some small traffic from social networks like facebook and twitter, forum signatures, blog comment posting, and article posting, but this traffic is inconsistent and minor compared to the four main ways mentioned above, and also usually comes as a byproduct of the 4 main traffic streams (think Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets).

Now, to actually get a lot of traffic, you basically have 2 options you can choose from to setup your website.

Option 1

Your first option is to create a search engine optimized website with lots of free written content, that you add a new 200+ word post to every day. Each new post you add will rank for new keyword phrases, search engines love free content because they know it satisfies their users, and search engines are in the business of making their users happy. After a month, your website will have 30 posts with unique page titles raking for various long tail keyword phrases. After 3 months, it will have 90 post. After a year it will have 365 posts, each ranking for more keyword phrases. The problem with this option is that you can get deindex/banned/penalized by search engines any day and lose all your traffic. Plus you have to have to write 250+ words every day, and you have to think of new things to write about every day. And finally, if you have your own product on a seo site, your sales conversion rates will suffer since your site has so much free content for your users to get lost in.

Option 2

You can create a Product website that solves a problem that people have. The best way to create a Product is to create a digital product like a membership website (you will learn how in the website building area of this site), an ebook, a video course, or a piece of software. Digital products are great because once they are finished you don’t have to keep making them over and over like physical products, AND you can charge a lot for them. You need to make your product website only have links to buy your product, so your sales rates will be as high as possible to satisfy your affiliates and make buying traffic profitable and possible.

If you’re going to have a blog with a daily post and a product, its best to separate them into different domain names. One for your blog, and one for your product pitch and private membership site. For example my blog for this site is at and I funnel traffic to which is strictly a pitch page so that salves conversions are as high as possible, and I can buy traffic and send it to that page without losing sales to my free content on my separate domain that’s being used to rank and get search engine traffic.

Creating a product is harder, but that’s why its more profitable.

So, that’s the secret to getting massive traffic. You have to create a product, so that you can have affiliates, and be able to buy traffic.

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Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Get Much Traffic

So, let me tell you the reasons why your website does get much traffic. And listen carefully because you’re about to get a big dose of reality.

1) First, you don’t get much traffic because you have no product and just monetize your website with ads or affiliate products. Having ads and affiliate products on your website is fine, but without your own product, the only streams of traffic available to you are search engine traffic and email list traffic. You cannot profitably buy traffic, and you cannot get Affiliate traffic, which are very important streams of traffic. You probably think you are too lazy to create your own product, but its actually pretty easy. Inside the training area I take you through all the steps to create your own digital products.

2) Second, your domain name sucks. To rank high in Google and Bing for a keyword that gets a lot of searches each month, you have to have the keyword in your domain name, or you have to have a really catchy, memorable domain name. If you look at the search results for really competitive keyword phrases, the websites in the top 10 just about always have that keyword in their domain name. When you have the keyword in your domain, google gives your site more weight for that keyword, and people are more likely to link to you with that keyword which will help you rank for the main keyword you are targeting with your homepage.

3) Your homepage title tag is not set to a high search volume keyword you want to rank for. Use the google keyword tool to find a good keyword to target that gets atleast 300 “exact match” local searches per month, set that as your homepage title, then ideally make your domain name have that keyword. Then build links to your homepage with that keyword as your anchor text.

Anchor text is the text used in links, like this
<a href=””>Anchor Text</a>

For example you would set your anchor text to
<a href=””>Keyword Phrase You Want To Rank For</a>

If your site was, you might decide to target the keyword “Samurai Swords”, so you would build links like this
<a href=””>Samurai Swords</a>

For example, if you want to rank for the search term “Samurai Swords” you should get a domain name like “”, set your homepage title as “Samurai Sword” and then build links to your site with the anchor text “Samurai Swords” like Samurai Swords.

4) You don’t build links to your website. To rank high in google, you have to build links to your website using the anchor text you want to rank for. Thats how Google ranks websites. When people search for a keyword, google gives them a list of websites, starting with the site with the most links with anchor text matching the search term. For example, if you want to rank for the term “Samurai Swords” you have to add this code Samurai Swords to as many websites as you can. How I do this is by doing a google search for the keyword I want to rank for, then doing a link: search for the 5 highest ranked sites for that term. Then I go to all the pages, and add my link to the sites that allow it, which are usually blogs, forum, and article directories.

5) Your website has no content, and only a few pages. To get a lot of traffic from search engines, your website has to have lots of pages with lots of text, at least 200 words on each page, the more words the better. Each page of text your website has gives you another chance to rank for more keywords and increase your traffic. You should post 1 new article to your site each day, it should only take you 20 minutes to do this. Just write about your topic for 20 minutes a night and then post what you have written, don’t worry about how good at is, just do the best you can. After 3 months you site will have 100 pages, and after a year, your website will have 365 pages, with each page having the potential to rank for a different keyword phrase and send you more traffic.

6) Your website looks like crap. And by that I mean your logo is dumb, your background color is weird, your navigation makes no sense, your posts have no comments, and you have facebook and twitter buttons with 0 likes and tweets. These things make your visitors leave immediately.

7) And finally, you don’t work on your website enough. You should work on it as much as you can. And what I mean by work is not checking your stats constantly and adding new widgets that will distract your visitors, but actually adding content to your site in the form of blog posts and videos as much as possible. All of the websites in the world that make a lot of money and get a lot of traffic have many hundred and thousands of hours poured into them by their owners. If you want to have a cool website that gets a lot of traffic, you have to put a lot of time and effort into it.

Link Building Secrets

The secret to ranking well in search engines and getting a lot of traffic from them these days is that you have to have lots of free high quality content (like 1 new 250+ word blog post per day, as this will allow you to rank for long tail keywords), and lots of links to your homepage with anchor text set to variations of the keyword phrase you are targeting, and lots of links to your sub-pages. You want to build lots of links to your homepage because the juice to your homepage will drip down to your sub-pages, search engines such as google and bing give a ranking boost to homepages because their users are most satisfied when sent to the homepage of a website that matches their search query, and websites naturally have most of their back links going to their homepage so your link profile will look as natural as possible to search engines. Just look at the search results of any short tail, high search volume keyword, its usually all homepages ranking in the top 10 results.

To get links, you can either wait a really long time for people to link to you naturally (which might/will never happen), or you can buy them. Yes, buying links can get your website banned/deindexed/penalized in search engines, but if you want to rank quickly for competitive terms, you have to buy links. Search engines don’t like you buying links because its the main way they rank websites, and they don’t want you manipulating their search results. But the truth is, if you check the backlinks for just about any website ranking for High Search Volume and Highly Competitive keyword phrases, you will find that just about all of them are buying links, or they are very old websites that are grand-fathered in. So you have no hope of ranking for competitive terms unless you buy links yourself, or your website is many years old with many pages and already entrenched in the results. Unfortunately there are only so many High Search Volume keyword phrases (about 10,000) with many people (about 7 billion people) trying to rank for each one, and to compete you have to buy links just like they do, or they will rank higher than you.

I have never had a website banned or penalized when I have bought links, and in general you are a lot more likely to get banned if you *sell* links from your website. But search engine employees can deindex/ban/penalize your website with the flick of a button, whether you buy links or not, even if the only thing wrong with your website is that they happen to not like it for one reason or another. Pretty risky game if you think about it. You can go to bed one night ranking #1 and getting lots of search traffic, then wake up no where to be found or with a -50 rankings penalty, it happens to people all the time. That’s why I recommend that you start out making money online by creating a product website or digital product website, with a high paying affiliate program, and a highly optimized sales funnel and pitch page so that you can afford to profitably buy traffic and get affiliates to promote your site, rather than gambling on search engine rankings that can disappear any day.

To stay up to date with search engine ranking strategies, I highly recommend you read the Traffic Planet Forums and SEOBook Blog every day. I have been good at SEO for a long time, and these guys really know what they are talking about.

As you read Traffic Planet, you might realize that Search Engine Optimization is a GIANT hassle/headache, and you will probably make more money if you put your time into create more products with high paying affiliate programs, emailing potential affiliates that rank well in search results or that have large email lists and asking them to promote your product, looking for more websites to buy banners on, and looking for more list owners to do email blasts to their list for you.

With that said, here are the places I buy links for my SEO websites.

Links To Buy

Here are the the TrafficPlanet Forums Special Offers and Warrior Classifieds that you should try, these work very good. Most of these are networks with 30 or more websites, that will post a link to your site on the homepage of every site in their network with your anchor text of choice. Imagine what having 100+ domain homepages linking to your site will do to your rankings.

I’d recommend that you choose a different keyword phrase for each service you buy, and point the links at your homepage, or sub-pages that are targeting keywords with less competition that you are confident you could rank for.

So, if you want your homepage to rank for “skateboards” then you should set the anchor text of your backlinks to the keyword “skateboards” and make your homepage html “title tag” to something like

Notice how the keyword “Skateboards” is repeated 4 times in the title tag of, the site that ranks #1 in google for the keyword “skateboards” which gets 1,170 search per day. Its no coincidence that they repeat the keyword 4 times in their title tag, its part of why they rank #1, along with tons of backlinks with the anchor text set as “skateboards”.

Link packages you should try-

$25 per month for 33 Pr2-Pr4 Homepage Backlinks –

$15 per month Blog Network backlinks

$59 per month Blog Network backlinks, plus $2.50 per article, or you can submit your own articles

This guy will post articles with your links to the Authority Link Network every day. ALN is a network of thousands of blogs owned by many different people.

$35 network per month –

Guaranteed Page 1 Google Rankings –

$29 per month –

$197 per month –

Here are the Fiverr gigs I buy for my websites that I do search optimization for (I don’t do search optimization for my product websites like this one, because my product websites only have a few indexable pages and I set them up for the highest sales conversions possible instead of getting search traffic so that I can afford to profitably buy as much traffic and get as many affiliates to promote me as possible). For websites that you want to rank well with in search engines, you need to post new blog posts to them frequently, as search engines like to rank websites with lots free content in the form of pages/posts. I buy these gigs over the course of a couple weeks, to keep the number of links to my site from spiking too much, and to make it look as natural as possible so I can avoid flagging any link velocity penalties in the search algorithms.

I only buy gigs with many good reviews. You should also consider looking for other gigs, do a fiverr search for words like “links” and “backlinks” and “seo” etc.

All of these

My Results

I bought subscriptions to the above 5 link networks to the homepage of my site I set the anchor text to variations of the keyword “how to make money online” such as “how to make money online for free” “ways to make money online” and “making money online”. According to and Google Keyword Tool, the keyword phrase “how to make money online” gets about 400 searches per day. Within two weeks, I was ranking #3 to #5 for this keyword phrase, and getting about 50 visits per day from ranking between #3 and #5 for the keyword “how to make money online”.

I was paying about $400 per month for this keyword (the total monthly cost of the 5 services above), and since I hadn’t finished my product for that site yet, I decided to cancel those services, and have now dropped to ranking around #50 to #60. But this case study shows you that even for a super competitive keyword like “how to make money online” which has 211,000,000 search results, you can rank #3 and up quickly if you are willing to buy links.

Configuring WordPress

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Text to use in Widget text for sidebar


<a href="" >


Lesson Section 1</h3>

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Lesson 1 Title</a>

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Lesson 2 Title</a>

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Lesson 3 Title</a>

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Lesson 4 Title</a>

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<a href="" >
Lesson 5 Title</a>

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Lesson Section 2</h3>

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<a href="" >
Lesson 6 Title</a>

<br />

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<a href="" >
Lesson 7 Title</a>

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Search and for to see the backlinks they have, then clone the ones you can.

[jwplayer config=normalplayer]

Build links with the Anchor Text as the keyword you want to rank for.

Like <a href=””>Keyword Phrase You Want To Rank For</a>

For example if your site is, and you want to rank for the keyword “Paintball Guns” then build links like

<a href=””>Paintball Guns</a>